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January 01, 2007

Brad Attig

As Managing Partner of, my goal is to provide the best professional career services for the retail executive.  My 7 years as an executive recruiter in the retail industry paired with my 15 years as a retail executive gives me a unique perspective. 

Having recruited for Fortune 500 retailers as well as single store-front businesses and small startups, I understand the vast complexity of retail and rewards a retail career the can have.  Charting one’s path through this maze requires tenacity and good counsel. 

I have observed first hand, the many changes the retail industry has made.  When I started at Macy’s California, they had 21 stores, now it’s Macy’s West with 160 locations.  I came up through a executive training program that encouraged individualism and risk taking. It was highly competitive but a lot of fun.

When I moved to Target, they had less than 500 stores and I was there for first Target Greatland opening.  The number of stores is around 1400 now and over 100 million people read the weekly circular.  Target taught me to focus on the customer and always strive to improve on what you have.  Target continues to follow that path today and I have great respect for a retailer that understands their customer the way Target does.

My time at Roses Stores came as the regional discount chains were losing the battle to the powerhouse big three and I learned how operating under  Chapter 11 changes the business.  My final retail position with Montgomery Ward’s, another great retailer who’s time has passed, was an education I won’t forget.

What made retailing such a rewarding career for me were the people I encountered and worked with.  From part- time associates that I had the good fortune to manage to industry leaders who I had the good fortune to be managed by.  People make the retail business and good people make it great.

When I went to Citibank, they were searching for people with retail backgrounds to help bring “retail” to the consumer banking industry.  Citibank demonstrated to me how valuable the retail experience I had was to other industries.

I love to help people with their retail careers.  Sometimes, the demands of a job takes away from our being able to step back and gain a clear perspective of one’s talents and abilities. Retail is a fabulous career choice and I’m here to help people to realize their true abilities.

Life isn’t only about work.  I have a wonderful family, try to spend a great deal of time outdoors and love to cook.  If you need a recipe, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll see what I can come up with.  In the meantime, I am always available to lend an ear and help you propel your career to the next level.


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